Its time for you to explore... let your mind run free and allow your eyes and ears to soak up the beauty of a new land... this land is South Africa!

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University gives you the opportunity to experience the wildlife, history and culture of South Africa through a set of short programmes from over the months of June and July

You are able to choose from one of three single programmes or the choice of pairing up of two combo programmes.

Single Programmes - Choose 1

Gain first-hand experience of the unique environmental issues that define the Eastern Cape in South Africa which hosts a globally unique concatenation of three global biodiversity hotspots

Community Holiday Club
Community Holiday Club

Develop an understanding of current issues impacting communities in South Africa with the running of a holiday club held in a disadvantaged area during the school holidays...

Business in Africa
Business in Africa

This programme aims to equip students with the knowledge, skills and competencies to understand and respond to the unique business management challenges faced within the South African context.


Combo Programmes - Choose 2

Each of the split short programmes are valued at 3 USA credits or 6 ECTS credits - choose two for the total credit value required.

Conflict Management

Conflict Management & Transformation

Focusing on the processes and complexities of negotiations as tools for conflict management and transformation, we will be looking at the negotiations that ended apartheid in South Africa.

Conflict Management

Human Rights

The examination of Human Rights from a social science &constitutional/legal perspective through the analysis of a the economic,social, cultural and political contexts in which they arise.

Conflict Management

Community Service Learning

An opportunity to demonstrate and develop global competence throughvolunteer work. You will develop an understanding of the current issuesimpacting community life in South Africa.

Conflict Management

SA History, Culture & language

Exploring South African history, since the Eastern Cape fontier’s earliestinhabitation by the Khoi and the San to the present day history. You willgain insight into the frontier as a meeting place of South African cultures.

Trips for everyone!

Beside the programme specific excursions, we have arranged these 3 trips that no visit to South Africa can do without.


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Where is Nelson Mandela Bay & NMMU?

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay is the beautiful coastal town where the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University lays its foundation.

With a total of 6 campuses the NMMU is the largest international university in the Southern Cape with our main campus in the heart if a nature reserve.

Offering blazing orange sunsets, tranquil sandy-white beaches and thick, lush green forests where the ghosts of past inhabitants still linger, the Eastern Cape, South Africa is where people with friendly smiles greet you with a "good morning", "goeie more"’ or "molo"... we want you to experience this Africa!

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