Off-campus accommodation is arranged by our International Office, ensuring safe, comfortable conditions.

Internet access is charged at a per gigabyte rate at your accomodation.
Note: Wifi access on campus is free
Students are housed 2 to 5 per room and share kitchenettes and bathrooms.
Note: dependent on accommodation selected
Located within close proximity to the beachfront and university
Laundry Services available charged at a per kg rate.
Resaurants and takeout venues are within walking distance.
Private cab services are available when planning your after hours trips
Note: Programme excursion transport is included in your fees

List of providers for faculty accommodation:

Fifth Avenue Beach House / Brighton Lodge / The Beach Hotel / Summerstrand Inn Hotel
Crowsnest Lodge / Beacon Lodge / Langerry Holiday Apartmentst

Please note: Faculty can be accommodated with students if preferred

Where is Nelson Mandela Bay & NMMU?

Port Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela Bay is the beautiful coastal town where the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University lays its foundation.

With a total of 6 campuses the NMMU is the largest international university in the Southern Cape with our main campus in the heart if a nature reserve.

Offering blazing orange sunsets, tranquil sandy-white beaches and thick, lush green forests where the ghosts of past inhabitants still linger, the Eastern Cape, South Africa is where people with friendly smiles greet you with a "good morning", "goeie more"’ or "molo"... we want you to experience this Africa!

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