Don’t Send Your Kids to School This Fall

Don’t Send Your Kids to School This Fall

This year hasn’t been so good for most families, the ravaging virus has affected parents and their children, as some workers lost their jobs, while the children couldn’t go to school. The virus spreads easily to close contact, so the question is, would you want to come close? The majority will say no. But can the children be left at home without going to school? The government says online lecturing is going to be an alternative. What about those children who don’t have access to the Internet? The government has to think first before decisions are made. The ravaging virus has proven to be a stubborn one, upon the efforts of the government and other law enforcement agencies.

They say social distancing is key, in combating the spread of the infectious disease, so schools that have a population of over 1000 students, excluding staff, what will happen to them? It isn’t going to be easy. As parents, if you want to prevent your child from contacting the virus this coming fall, and you decide to take the child to school, that school should be a low-populated school.

Don't forget that young children and

People working in the health sector will definitely not send their kids to school this coming fall because they know the dangers that lie ahead. Prevention, they say, is better than cure, so are you ready to take such a risk for your child or wards? The majority will also say no, so in simple words most parents won’t take their children to any school, whether private or government, during this coming fall. No sane person would like to lose a loved one. Not to mention a mother losing her child, so during these periods, parents should keep their children at home, and should hold them dearly, living is better than dying.

Don’t forget that young children and old people are the vulnerable ones that can be affected by this ravaging virus, while having a little chance of survival. That’s why health workers advise the elderly and the infant children to stop going to places where lots of people are gathered, that means to avoid crowded places.

Don't Send Your Kids to School This Fall

Thanks to the release of the new vaccine, our kids can be assured of going to school next year, it’s a guarantee for them. Waiting until then is better than sending your kids to encounter danger, sickness isn’t something that is pleasurable to the human body. Kids will be more affected by diseases than adults, their immunity isn’t as strong as an adult’s, especially if the adult is a healthy one. Don’t also forget the way kids play with their friends, stopping them from playing with their friends because of infections will be difficult. In one way or the other, children must surely play together if they get to meet each other, especially in a school.

Let’s not joke with the lives of children, they are precious, especially to their mothers. Taking them to school will only make things worse, both for the kids and their parents. Not being oppurtuned to go to school this year, doesn’t mean that children won’t go another time, always keep your family safe.