Handling plagiarism in high school

Handling plagiarism in high school

Plagiarism is the act of using someone else’s piece of work without their concert. Common in academic writings. Recently, cases of plagiarism by high school students have been reported.

Curbing plagiarism is not an easy task although can be prevented. High school students are still naive and obedient dealing with them is easier.

High school management board should formulate policies which stipulates ways of handling plagiarism cases. This will ensure the policies are adhered to and plagiarism is not practised for it is stated in the school policy. An example, students caught in any acts of plagiarism will be suspended.

The class teachers in collaboration with the various subject teachers should educate students on plagiarism. This ensures students are informed and understand the meaning of plagiarism. Some of them could be doing the act unknowingly.

Teachers should make students aware of

Plagiarism should be treated as academic indiscipline. Students caught cheating in their tests should be penalized and repeat a class. This punishment will motivate students to work hard and be honest in their test.

Teachers should set application questions in exams. Application questions require students to apply knowledge learnt in classrooms to answer questions. This ensures students think critically, teachers gauge whether the teaching method used is appropriate or if they should change.

Application questions make it hard to copy for they always require different perception. People would never have the same perception unless the question requires one common answer.

Teachers should make students aware of different plagiarism software that are used to access their work. Software like plagiarism checker. Students will work hard and read hard to ensure they are knowledgeable enough to tackle any exam question. No one will dare copy for they are well aware they will be caught and punished.

Students caught plagiarising, should re-do the

Students should be encouraged to enroll with Indiana university. Indiana university offer training to students of different levels including high school students. The training is based on plagiarism. Students are taught the basics of plagiarism. Example, the forms of plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism.

The training prepares students psychologically. They learn critical thinking skills and self confidence in what they think. It equips them with all the knowledge and skills about academic writing.

Plagiarism lessons should be made compulsory at the end of every subject. Repetition has been proven by scientists as the best way to learn and remember new unusual things. If students are frequently reminded of the same topic more than once, they will understand its repucursions and avoid plagiarism at any cost.

Students caught plagiarising, should re-do the tests and be well supervised. Their work should be marked cautiously and in case the students fail to reach their previous score of the plagiarised work, they should be punished. Students will be genuine and honest with their assignments, tests or exams.

Handling plagiarism in high school

Detentions should be given to any student caught cheating. The students should be given more assignments related on the previous one during their detention period. Many students don’t like being left behind while others go home. They will ensure under no circumstance, they are caught in the same act. This will reduce cases of plagiarism by high school students.

Parents should be informed of their child’s behaviour. Students caught plagiarising should be reported to their parents or guardian. This will ensure parents monitor assignments given to their children. Parents will be involved and do follow ups of their children’s progress at school.

The school, parents and students need to join hands and work together to curb cases of plagiarism. Unity is key to success. When both parties are fully involved, plagiarism won’t be an issue affecting high school students.

Pressurizing students to pass exam should stop. Most students copy not because they wish to but because of pressure from their parents and teachers. Students feel like they owe it to them to pass. They will do anything to make their parents and teachers appreciate them.

In conclusion, plagiarism by high school students can be handled through various school policies, motivations and awareness among others. Students need rules that guide them by ensuring they remain on the right path. Motivations boost their morale and encourage them to work hard. Awareness keep them informed on what plagiarism entails and why it is discouraged.